Pricing - The Short Story

PRICING - The Short Story


All the images on this site should be priced (eventually).  You can purchase them from this site or just contact me and we will work something out. 

Below is some basic information and an attempt to explain the big words.

After much thought and advise from people much smarter than I am, I have decided to offer both open edition and limited edition versions of most of my images.

OPEN EDITION - Any image smaller than 16"x20"ish.  I do not limit the number of prints available in this edition.

LIMITED EDITION - Images 16"x20"ish or larger will be part of a limited edition.  I will set an edition size of usually 25 to 50 prints.  The edition size of 25 or 50 will be cumulative of all sizes on any medium.  A small number of artist proof images may also be printed.

Limited edition prints are signed and labled by the artist.  When hand signing isn't possible (metal prints, etc) another form will be used.  A certificate of authenticity accompanies all limited edition prints.

Pricing on limited edition prints will be tiered in a way that the image price may increase as the edition begins to sell out.

When all limited editions run out, the master will not be destroyed so the image can be used for other purposes such as licensing.

All copyrights in the work of fine art this certificate accompanies are reserved to the artist. Reproductions may not be made without permission.