About Mikeal Dixon

Mikeal - the correct way to spell Michael

Artist Statement

Mikeal Dixon (that's me) is a self taught photographer who spends a vast majority of his time living, working, playing and occasionally sleeping in the 'Magic' Magic Valley of South-Central Idaho.  I have played with cameras, off and on, all of my life.  Starting with my mother’s Brownie box camera and I’m currently finding escape and relaxation by looking through the view finder of Canon digital slr cameras.

Professional, I am a marketer, sales manager and commercial photographer.  Personally, I am a spiritually grounded husband, son, father and grandfather.  Creatively, I am someone who is continually trying to find the beauty in life (it gets easier and easier).

Looking back at all of the different things I have tried and the various paths life has led me down, I find that I have always been most fulfilled when I am in the process of creating  or teaching.  Photography is a hobby and passion that allows me to do both.  In addition to this, photography has taught me to look, to observe and to see; a blessing I am incredibly grateful for and hope to develop even further.

I enjoy exploring the world around me and seeing how it changes as I change the way I look at it.  It amazes me how much beauty goes unseen, all around us, as we hurry through life with our eyes focused directly ahead.  We may successfully get from Point A to Point B but we have missed a tremendous amount along the way.  Whether it is a grand landscape, peddle of a flower, or a person standing on a street corner, there is always something to see, to experience and to learn.

For an image to be successful in my mind, it has to say something to me.  It has to teach me something.  It has to make my life better in some way by experiencing it.  I look for compositions with a meaning and then find ways of making that meaning come out when it is presented on a flat piece of media.  It is my goal to continue to see and capture the world around me and then share what I experience with others.  It is also a goal of mine to help others learn to see the beauty that is around them and use photography as a respite from the noise the world throws at us.

Remember – The only way to have a great day is to make it so.

Make It a Great Day

Mikeal S. Dixon